Content Author

Content Authors are Agency authors with the role of creating and editing content in folders they have access to in their website. They manage their website from the Experience Editor, which is an intuitive editing environment designed to edit and write content directly on the page as if viewing it from the browser.

A Content Author role can perform the following functions:

  • Insert a new page or sub folder
  • Add/Edit content to a page they have access to
  • Lock (Check out) and Unlock (Check in) pages
  • Add/Delete page versions
  • Preview pages
  • Create a blurb (Full Migration Agencies only)
  • Upload media items (images and document files)
  • Edit media item properties
  • Lock (Check out) and Unlock (Check in) media items
  • Delete media items
  • Overwrite existing media items
  • Tag pages and document files (Full Migration Agencies only)
  • View linked Items on a document file
  • Submit pages for review