Submitting a Page for Approval

If a page has a workflow assigned to it, the Content Author will see a message in the light blue message box below the Experience Editor Ribbon.
Experience Editor - Submit for Approval Message

  1. Select the Submit link to send changes to the Content Approver for review and action. This starts the approval workflow.
  2. Enter a comment then click OK.

Once submitted, the Content Approver will receive an email notification of the content change(s).

Example of of submition for approval of content changes to Content Approver

When the Content Approver has approved or rejected the changes, an email is sent to the Content Author.
- If approved, the page is published
- If rejected, the page is placed back into draft form, ready for the Content Author to edit it again

Example of approved content changes to Content Author

This process is repeated until the page has been approved.