Creating a Boards and Commission Page

You can create a Boards/Commission section on your website if you have been given approval. You will know this if the Boards/Commission template is a displayed as an option when you select the insert page icon from the Experience Editor Ribbon.

NOTE: This template is ONLY available for Full Migration websites.

  1. Log in to Sitecore.
    • Once logged in, you will be directed to your Agency website landing page in Preview Mode.
  2. Using the Navigation Bar, navigate to the folder you wish to insert the Board/Commissions page under. Select the > symbol after your Agency name to view a drop down of the folders available. Keep drilling down until you come across the folder you wish to insert the Board/Commissions page under.
    Experience Editor Ribbon with Navigation Bar
  3. Select the Insert Page Add item icon icon from the Ribbon.
    • A dialogue box appears with a variety of page template options to choose from.
  4. Select the Boards/Commission template.
    Template selection dialogue box
  5. Enter the Board/Commission page name in the Name field, omitting punctuation and any of the following special characters [.,{}=+\|!@#$%^&*()].
    • You will be able to add punctuation and special characters when the page has been created and you can edit it.
    • The name entered here is the title Sitecore uses for the page name on the back end and displays within the URL.
  6. Select OK.

Your newly created Boards/Commission page will display and is now ready for editing, meaning it is Checked out and Locked. To complete the page creation process, continue on with the page components below: