Practitioner Licensing & Investigations Section

The Department of Public Health is aware of “phishing” telephone calls and emails making their way through Connecticut, targeting license holders with the State of Connecticut. The phone calls and emails appear to be from the state (though they are not).  The phone calls appear to be from (860) 509-7603 and indicate there is an issue with a license.  The email asks credential holders to follow a link to a web page that looks like the state’s eLicense system. There they are asked to validate their license by entering personal information, such as name, address, social security number and date of birth.


Please note that in the event the Department is taking any action against a license, the licensee will be contacted by letter sent via US Mail.  The Department would never contact you over the telephone and ask you to provide any personal identifying information such as SSN.


To protect your personal information, please do not provide any information without ensuring that you are at the legitimate site, which is and requires a login to update personal information.



Please select this link for information regarding suspension of renewal requirements during the COVID-19.


Due to a potential healthcare workforce strain from the COVID-19 situation, the Commissioner of Public Health signed an order on March 23, 2020, allowing individuals licensed and in good standing, in specified professions, in another state to work in Connecticut without obtaining a Connecticut license for up to 60 days.  An additional Commissioner's Order signed on May 15, 2020, extended the suspension of the licensing requirement through July 22, 2020.


A Commissioner's Order signed May 15, 2020, allows for individuals licensed in good standing in another  state, in specified professions, to work in Connecticut without obtaining a license.

A Commissioner's Order signed July 14, 2020, allows for individuals in certain professions licensed in good standing in another state, in specified professions, to work in Connecticut for the duration of  the declared public health emergency without obtaining a license.

Pursuant to Governor Lamont's Executive Order Number 10A, the agency orders listed above which allow for individuals in certain professions to work in Connecticut without obtaining a Connecticut license have been extended through April 19, 2021.


Pursuant to Governor Lamont's Executive Order Number 11, the agency orders listed above which allow for individuals in certain professions to work in Connecticut without obtaining a Connecticut license have been extended to May 20, 2021.


Please be advised that all information provided by licensees and applicants, excluding Social Security Numbers and including addresses and phone numbers, is public information and is releasable pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.
Most of the frequently asked for services regarding health care practitioner licensing are listed in the left margin of this page.
For specific licensing requirements, applications, fees, practice acts, rules, regulations and examination dates, please choose the profession link below.
This office does not meet with visitors who do not have a scheduled appointment.  A drop-box is available at the 1st floor security desk at 410 Capitol Avenue should individuals wish to submit applications, fees or any other documents.  It is strongly recommended that all documentation be submitted via U.S. Mail, fax or email.  Cash is not accepted.  Please select the appropriate profession link below for contact information.  

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