Highway Signing Policy and Programs

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is responsible for furnishing adequate directional and informational signing on the state highway system. All types of supplemental signing shall conform to the requirements of the MUTCD, in addition to any restrictions outlined within the CTDOT Supplemental Destination Guide Signs Policy. The purpose of CTDOT's Supplemental Destination Guide Signs Policy is to provide signs along state highways that best serve the interest of those served by the highway system, subject to safety and consistency standards. If there are questions regarding the information provided or you would like to discuss a particular topic with an engineer, please contact the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic Engineering (860) 594-2711. 
Exit Renumbering
Highway exit numbers will be modified to a mileage-based exit numbering system to conform with Federal standards as part of corridor sign replacement projects. 

Exit Renumbering Information

Signing Guidelines

This booklet is intended for public use to explain the many opportunities for a variety of signs along Connecticut’s State roadways.  Most topics provide specific direction on how to request a sign or apply for a signing program.   
         Signing Guidelines

Signing Programs

Below are the various signing programs administered by CTDOT.  Guidance for all the programs below can be found in the CTDOT Supplement Destination Guide Signs policy referenced above.

         Tourist Attraction Signing Program

         Logo Signing Program
         Adopt a Highway Program
Miscellaneous Signing Documents
         Catalog of Signs