Guidance for Inspection of Motorcoaches by CTDMV That Require Reciprocity Stickers

Initial inspection of motorcoaches and bus-type vehicles are conducted by the Public Transit Inspectors of CTDOT. Upon approval, the CTDOT Public Transit Inspectors will apply the initial Reciprocity sticker to the vehicle, which is valid for six months. To schedule an initial inspection, call CTDOT at 860-594-2871 or 2898. If your Reciprocity sticker is set to expire and your vehicle requires a new inspection and updated Reciprocity sticker, please follow the instructions below. CTDMV has jurisdiction over all subsequent inspections

Permit / Certificate holders needing reciprocity inspections for their motorcoaches are asked to send an e-mail to: requesting reciprocity inspections for their motorcoaches.

 In the email, be sure to include the following essential items:

  1. A contact name,

  2. Contact phone number,

  3. How many motorcoaches require inspection,

  4. A location where the inspection will take place, and

  5. The dates the motor coaches will be available. Please provide multiple dates for ease of scheduling.