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Battery Electric Bus (BEB) Initiative

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), in partnership with all the transit agencies across Connecticut, is leading a statewide Battery Electric Bus (BEB) initiative that aims to provide a safe, reliable, sustainable, and clean energy transit system for Connecticut. Transitioning the statewide bus fleet from older diesel model buses to newer zero-emission buses reduces greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollution, positively impacting communities around the State. In addition to having zero emissions, these state-of-the-art BEBs are quieter, provide a smoother ride, and have additional amenities that improve the rider experience.

The CTDOT statewide BEB initiative implements carbon reduction solutions to meet State legislative mandates and executive orders and supports the State’s goal for transitioning all buses in Connecticut to 100% BEB by 2035. To get there over the next decade, CTDOT is prioritizing BEB investments that focus on both piloting and scaling upgrades to each of the transit facilities and transit fleets across the State.

Below is a high-level summary of the various CTDOT BEB projects, including the initial statewide BEB procurement, fast charging equipment and upgrades, and BEB updates for each of the CTtransit Divisions in Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford.

Initial Statewide BEB Procurement 

Through a competitive bid process, the Original Equipment Manufacturer New Flyer was awarded a BEB contract for CTDOT in September 2020. CTtransit is currently in possession of eleven (11) BEBs - seven (7) of which are operating out of the CTtransit New Haven Division and four (4) are housed and operating out of the CTtransit Stamford division. New Flyer is in the process of building 50 additional BEBs for CTDOT. These are anticipated to be received by quarter four of 2024 and be put into service at each of the CTtransit properties as well as several other transit districts across the state. Additionally, CTDOT has entered into an electric bus contract that would allow the purchase of up to 142 more BEBs through another competitive procurement. 

Fast Charging Equipment and Upgrades 

Initial DC fast-charging equipment at all three divisions of CTtransit (Hartford, New Haven, Stamford) have been supplied. On-going infrastructure upgrades at these facilities includes new electrical switchgear to accommodate increased electrical loads, upgrades to existing fire suppression equipment in addition to other changes to the existing building systems. Details regarding the BEB upgrades to each of the CTtransit Divisions are summarized below.  

CTtransit Hartford Division 

The CTtransit Hartford Division facility is located at 100 Liebert Road in Hartford. This Division encompasses the largest fixed-route bus operation in the state, serving the greater Hartford area, running 273 fixed route buses comprised of 30-foot, 40-foot, and 60-foot diesel and diesel-hybrid buses. Electrification for the entire facility will be a large undertaking considering the age of the facility, the power upgrades needed off-site, as well as the need to maintain operations during a major construction project.  

To date, CTDOT has begun a pilot electrification program, capitalizing on available power on the street, and an under-utilized 6-bus free-standing building in the rear of the property to bring power, fire suppression, 6 BEB chargers, and communication. It is expected that the 6-BEB free-standing building will be fully operational with 6 BEB chargers during Quarter 1 of 2024. In the meantime, two (2) 150 kW ABB chargers are currently installed and commissioned on-site as well as a 50KW mobile charger to capitalize on existing and available power load on-site. The Hartford Division facility is expected to be fully electrified by 2031 and the entire fleet by 2035. 

CTtransit New Haven Division 

The CTtransit New Haven Division facility is located at 2061 State Street in Hamden. This Division is the second largest fixed-route bus operation in Connecticut, serving the greater New Haven area, running 131 buses comprised of 35-foot, 40-foot and 60-foot buses, which currently includes mostly diesel and 7 BEBs. The New Haven Division facility was one of the State’s first facilities to undergo upgrades for electrification due to it being a newer facility (2010), having additional capacity on-site, and having a fleet replacement schedule that aligned with the initial statewide BEB procurement.  

The New Haven Division completed facility upgrades to date include the installation of ten (10) 150kW plug-in chargers, fire suppression upgrades in the charging lanes and surrounding lanes, and a newly installed fire pump to provide the necessary pressure for the fire suppression system. The New Haven Division facility is expected to be fully electrified by 2026 and the entire fleet by 2028. 

CTtransit Stamford Division 

The CTtransit Stamford Division facility is located at 26 Elm Court in Stamford. This Division operates 55 diesel buses ranging from 40-foot to 60-foot and 4 BEBs. Although the smallest CTtransit operation, the Stamford Division will be the first CTtransit facility ready for an all BEB fleet. CTDOT has completed a pilot upgrade that includes the installation of five (5) 150KW plug-in chargers in the existing bus storage building, as well as a fire pump with back-up generator, and fire suppression upgrades. CTDOT anticipates moving in thirteen (13) more in 2024, and another twenty (20) in 2025.  

Simultaneous to the electrification of the existing bus storage building, CTDOT is designing a free-standing 11-BEB building on-site for additional indoor storage and charging capacity. The addition of this building will allow for 100% of the fleet to be stored and charged indoors. Design is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2024, with construction complete end of 2026. The facility will be outfitted with all necessary fire suppression upgrades, as well as (10) 180KW pantograph chargers and (1) 450KW fast charger. The Stamford Division facility is expected to be fully electrified by 2026 and the entire fleet by 2028. 


For more background information about electric buses in Connecticut, visit CTDOT's Electric Bus Basics page.