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The Reconfiguration of the Route 17 On-ramp to Route 9 Northbound Project in the City of Middletown is a CTDOT safety Middletown Aeriel Shot improvement initiative to improve overall safety and reduce front-to-rear crashes at the Route 17 Northbound and Harbor Drive entrances to Route 9 northbound. The current ramp from Route 17 NB to Route 9 NB is a skewed, stop-controlled intersection with a short acceleration lane that overlaps with the entrance at Harbor Drive along a congested corridor in advance of the Route 9 traffic signals. These conditions have contributed to higher than expected crash rates in this area. The State is dedicated to improving the infrastructure to mitigate these contributing crash factors.

Route 17 northbound to Route 9 northbound on-ramp Improvements

0082-0316 Overall Proposed Aerial Diagram

The anticipated work includes installing a 1,000- foot, full-length, acceleration lane for Route 17 northbound traffic to merge onto Route 9 north and removing the Harbor Drive on-ramp to Route 9. This requires the construction of retaining walls on the west side of Route 9 to reduce potential impacts to wetlands and Harbor Park. The superstructure of the Route 9 bridge over Union Street (Bridge No. 00638) will be replaced, widened to accommodate the acceleration lane and ensure proper bridge maintenance.

Main Street Extension and Route 17 Interchange Improvements

0082-0316 Rte 17 MSE Proposed Aerial Diagram

The project will also reconfigure the Route 17 Southbound On Ramp at Main Street Extension to improve operational mobility and safety. The reconfiguration includes the realignment of Route 17 southbound on-ramp with the Route 17 southbound off-ramp and replacement of the existing traffic signal to create a more typical signalized intersection configuration. This will serve as the principal access to Route 9 for Middletown downtown’s southern end. Another feature at this intersection will be the addition of dedicated turn lanes at the Main Street Extension and the Route 17 off-ramps. The purpose of the dedicated turn lanes is to reduce congestion.

Noise Wall and Pedestrian Connectivity

Due to federal guidelines ((FHWA) regulation 23 CFR 772 and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Highway Traffic Noise Abatement Policy for Projects Funded by the Federal Highway Administration) on this project, a noise analysis was conducted. As a result of this study, a noise wall will be installed between the Route 17 northbound on-ramp from Main Street Extension to Flower Street to mitigate traffic-related noise. Other improvements include building a pedestrian access point along Union Street and adding new street parking and sidewalks along the Main Street Extension.

This four year project began in March 2023. The estimated cost is $54 million.