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Course Materials and Supplemental Items for Learning
Ed Hedge MMUCC PR1 Roll Call Video
(ZIP File Format - Warning, VERY LARGE FILE) includes:
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    Course Evaluation
    Crash Scenarios
    Easy Street Draw Instructions
    Instructor Notes Handbook (INH)
    Investigator's Guide
    PDF Support Materials

  • Print Me Student Materials
    Handouts - various items
    Investigator's Guide

  • Run Me Course Presentation
    (with embedded videos, requires up to date Quick Time software)
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Background and Overview
Letter from the Commissioner:
Release of DOT's Crash Data Guidelines for a New PR-1 Crash Reporting System
MMUCC 4.0MMUCC 4.0 Crash Data Collection Initiative
Poster - 17"x22"

MMUCC 4.0 Crash Data Collection Initiative
Brochure - 8.5"x14" Black and White

MMUCC 4.0 Crash Data Collection Initiative
Brochure - 8.5"x14" Color
Simulated Glass Shattering During Vehicle Crash
Getting Ready For CTDOT’s New PR-1 and Electronic Crash Reporting Initiative January 1, 2015
E-Crash Data Element Recommendations: MMUCC vs PR-1 Review
Link to UCONN Connecticut Crash Data Repository (CTCDR)
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National Guidance Materials
D16 Manual on Classification of Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents 7th Edition (2007)
Link to National MMUCC Website -