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Connecticut has over the past several years designated several sections of its rural two-lane highways as Scenic Roads. This designation not only encourages sightseeing along the road but helps preserve it from modifications that would detract from its appearance, such as rerouting or widening.

A potential state scenic highway must abut significant natural or cultural features such as agricultural land or historic buildings and structures which are listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places, or afford vistas of marshes, shoreline, forests with mature trees, or other notable natural or geologic feature which singularly or in combination set the highway apart from other state highways as being distinct. The Highway shall have a minimum length of one (1) mile and shall abut development which is compatible with its surroundings. Such development must not detract from the scenic or natural character or visual qualities of the highway area.  

Guidelines for Requesting Designation

  1. Requests for state scenic highway designation from any agency, municipality, group or individual should be directed to:
Department of Transportation
2800 Berlin Turnpike
P.O. Box 317546
Newington, CT 06131-7546
  1. The applicant must prepare a report for submission to the Commissioner which shall include the following:
  1. A statement of the highway segments or areas to be included.
  2. A description of natural and cultural resources and features of scenic interest.
  3. A description of existing land use.
  4. Photographs of outstanding and representative scenery.
  5. A list of properties on the National or State Register of Historic Places. The applicant may contact the Connecticut Historical Commission [(860) 566-3005] for assistance in identifying properties which have been historically designated along a proposed scenic highway.
  1. The Scenic Roads Advisory Committee shall make a systematic evaluation of the extent and quality of historic, scenic, natural and cultural resources for the proposed scenic highway.
  1. The Scenic Roads Advisory Committee may review any reports, letter, articles, or other documents which is deemed necessary to assist in its recommendation. It may also request additional information from the applicant to clarify any information provided in the report. Its recommendation shall be forwarded to the Commissioner for action.