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Governor Lamont Announces Grand Opening of New Parking Garage at the Stamford Transportation Center, Releases Master Plan for Future Investments in the City

(STAMFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto today hosted a ceremony attended by local and state officials and members of the public to commemorate the grand opening of the new parking garage at the Stewart B. McKinney Transportation Center (commonly known by many as the Stamford Transportation Center), which is now available for use by the public.

This new 914-space parking garage is attached directly to the Stamford Transportation Center via a 320-foot pedestrian garage and provides direct access to the Track 5 platform heading to Grand Central Terminal. It includes 92 electric vehicle charging stations, 120 bicycle parking spaces, including 50 e-bike charging stations, and has façade lighting with color changing high-efficient LED lighting that will commemorate special events and holidays. The parking garage project included the reconstruction of the South State Street and Washington Boulevard intersection, making it safer for all roadway users with new sidewalks, traffic signals, and thermal crosswalks.

This $100 million project was entirely funded by the state through bond funding and has been administered by the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The original garage, built in 1985, will soon be closed and its demolition will begin within the next month. Following that work, the Stamford Transportation Center will have nearly 2,100 parking spaces – an increase of 600 spaces from what was available before today.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation soon plans to issue a request for qualifications for a transit-oriented development project to be created at the site of the original garage property, which will complement additional investments that the City of Stamford has been making to improve properties and infrastructure around the station. This joint state and city endeavor is expected to drive further economic and community development for Stamford and the entire state.

In addition to today’s parking garage opening, Governor Lamont and Commissioner Eucalitto announced the release of the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Stamford Transportation Center Master Plan, which serves as the state’s vision for future improvements that can be made at Connecticut’s busiest public transportation hub. The master plan includes short and long-term recommendations that will improve multi-modal connectivity between trains, buses, and vehicles, provide upgraded passenger amenities and waiting areas, and expand and modernize the transportation facility.

Governor Lamont said, “Stamford’s train station is the busiest public transportation hub in Connecticut, and the rail line that utilizes this station is the single most heavily used commuter rail line in the United States. Thousands of people who live here depend on these trains to get them to their jobs every single day, and businesses benefit by being centrally located to a transportation center that is accessible and convenient for their workers. When we make investments to improve our transportation infrastructure, we are doing it with a laser focus on how our state and the people who live here can benefit economically to support themselves and their families.”

Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto said, “The new parking garage ensures that commuters, no matter if they are driving, walking, or biking, have convenient, safe access to the Stamford Transportation Center. Thank you to Governor Lamont and our state delegation for ensuring we had dollars necessary to complete this 100% state-funded project. This state-of-the-art facility is a key component of the Stamford Transportation Center, enables opportunity for transit-oriented development, and sets the stage for the rehabilitation of the station.”

Mayor Caroline Simmons said, “The opening of the new parking garage at the Stamford Transportation Center is the first of many critical investments for enhancing the commuter experience and expanding access at our state’s busiest train station. Transforming the Stamford train station into a world-class transit hub is a key priority for my administration. I am grateful to Governor Lamont, CTDOT Commissioner Eucalitto, and our delegation for their commitment, investment, and prioritization of the Stamford Transportation Center Master Plan and I look forward to working alongside them to ensure this project is completed.”

State Senator Patricia Billie Miller (D-Stamford) said, “The opening of the new parking garage at the Stamford Transportation Center marks a significant milestone for our city. This new garage was backed by state resources and will reinforce our pivotal role in Connecticut’s transportation landscape while ensuring Stamford remains the vibrant center of the region’s rail system.”

State Senator Ceci Maher (D-Wilton) said, “The Stamford Transportation Center provides an important community lifeline to the entire region, offering a quick and easy route to get to Manhattan, New Haven, or anywhere on the Amtrak lines, but for years, parking limitations have left travelers with little time between finding that last parking spot and getting to their train. I’m so pleased this garage, fully supported by the state, will help alleviate those issues, especially with its forward-thinking charging stations. The more people who can get where they need to go, utilizing reliable public transportation, the better it is for our state, and this new garage supports our important regional transportation hub. I’m grateful to the governor, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and the mayor for moving Connecticut forward.”

State Representative David Michel (D-Stamford) said, “We were lucky to have among the best to build this garage and I appreciate how they did their best against the elements and with sometimes scarcely available materials imposing delays on them. It is exciting to see so many electric charging stations available to the public, participating in the statewide infrastructure plans early in the development phase, here in my district.”

State Representative Matt Blumenthal (D-Stamford) said, “A functional and well-designed Stamford Transportation Center is vital not only to the residents of Stamford, but to economic development and quality of life throughout Fairfield County. The new parking garage will ensure that travelers to, from, and through Stamford have the safe, convenient, and ample parking that they need and deserve. Thank you to Governor Lamont, the Bond Commission, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and my colleagues for their support of this essential project.”

State Representative Corey Paris (D-Stamford) said, “I am proud to join Governor Lamont and CTDOT Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto in announcing the opening of the new Stamford Parking Garage. This state-of-the-art facility, attached directly to the Stamford Transportation Center, boasts 914 spaces, including 92 electric vehicle charging stations and 50 e-bike charging stations. This initiative not only addresses our growing parking needs but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainable transportation options. It’s a significant step forward for Stamford, and I’m confident it will greatly benefit our community.”

State Representative Hubert Delany (D-Stamford) said, “As we unveil the brand new parking garage at the Stamford Transportation Center, we not only celebrate the convenience it brings to our daily commutes but also envision a future where our vibrant city is seamlessly connected and easily accessible. This is more than just a step forward; it symbolizes our city’s continuous progress and unwavering dedication to improving our community.”

State Representative Rachel Khanna (D-Greenwich, Stamford) said, “I am thrilled that the new parking garage at the Stamford Transportation Center has opened. This important initiative marks the recognition of Stamford as a thriving city and hub connecting important cities in the Northeast.”

State Representative Tom O’Dea (R-New Canaan) said, “I want to thank Governor Lamont, the State Bond Commission, the entire Stamford delegation, and Mayor Simmons for their leadership on this project. I have been a strong proponent of this project with then-Senator Carlo Leone back in 2013, since before I represented part of Stamford. Stamford is the busiest transportation hub in Connecticut and this project is long overdue. It will benefit thousands of commuters from all over Connecticut daily for years to come.”

For more information about the Stamford Transportation Center and the parking garage, including parking rates and permits, visit stamfordstation.ctrail.com.

For more information about the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Stamford Transportation Center Master Plan, visit stcmasterplan.com.


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