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CTDOT Celebrates National Roundabouts Week Promoting Driver Safety & Emissions Reduction Across Connecticut

Modern roundabouts significantly reduce crashes and injuries

(Newington, CT) The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) joins transportation officials nationwide to recognize the critical role roundabouts play in improving safety and traffic conditions as part of National Roundabouts Week, recognized this year on September 19-23, 2022.

As one of the most effective ways to reduce intersection crashes and fatalities, roundabouts promote a continuous flow of traffic, reducing delays, congestion, and harmful emissions produced by vehicles idling and accelerating at intersections with stop signs and traffic signals.

A roundabout is a one-way, circular intersection where traffic flows counterclockwise around a center island. Different from rotaries and traffic circles, roundabouts operate at lower speeds, making them safer and simpler. By eliminating left turns at intersections, roundabouts remove the potential for head-on or broadside crashes.

“There are numerous benefits of the modern roundabout, and the most important benefit is safety,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietti. “Roundabouts reduce vehicle speeds, significantly reducing crashes and injuries for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Travel time and idling are also reducedsafely getting people where they need to go with less motor vehicle emissions that harm the environment.

Connecticut has seen success with roundabouts in recent years. A study of five CTDOT constructed roundabouts found a significant 81 percent reduction in severe crashes and a 49 percent reduction in total crashes.

Currently, there are 15 roundabouts on state roadways, and 11 additional projects are in the planning phase.

The CTDOT Roundabout Committee is composed of experienced engineers to assist with the planning, design, and construction of roundabouts around the state and serve as a resource for local communities in Connecticut. The committee reviews roundabout concepts and advises on good design practices and consistency.

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