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Pilot Project Underway to Install Wrong Way Signs with Actuated Flashers throughout Connecticut

CTDOT Develops Plan for Installation of Wrong Way Signs with Actuated Flashers at 15 Highway Off-ramps in Towns across Connecticut


The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is developing plans to install all necessary components required for Wrong Way Signs with Actuated Flashers at 15 locations throughout the State of Connecticut determined to be at higher-risk for a wrong way driver. A typical installation consists of a 360-degree camera deployed at the ramp intersection to detect vehicles traveling in the wrong direction and wrong-way signs with red circular LED lights, which are activated to flash when a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction is detected.

Approximately 236 freeway exit ramp locations in Connecticut where the on and off-ramps are located on the same side of the road were screened to identify locations that could benefit from this supplemental treatment. Based on criteria identified through national research, 15 locations across Connecticut were selected for inclusion in this project.

At locations where the ramps are controlled by an existing state-owned traffic signal, the additional equipment will be designed to work in conjunction with that signal. At unsignalized and municipally-owned signalized locations, a stand-alone system will be installed. Project locations are listed below. 

Project 0170-3608

  • Hartford I-84 Exit 46 at Sisson Avenue (Int. No. 063-236)

  • East Hartford I-84 West Exit 58B at Roberts Street (Int. No. 042-235)

  • New Haven I-91 Exit 2 at Hamilton Street (Int. No. 092-270)

  • Rocky Hill I-91 North Exit 23 at Route 411 (West St.) (Int. No. 118-230)

  • Derby Route 8 North Exit 15 at Route 34 (Main St.) (Int. No. 036-217)

  • Hamden - Route 15 South Exit 60 at Route 10 (Dixwell Ave.) (Int. No. 061-216)

  • Manchester I-84 East Exit 63 at Route 30 (Deming St.) (Int. No. 076-254)

  • Manchester I-384 East Exit 3 at Route 83 (South Main St.) (Int. No. 076-268)

  • New Haven I-91 South Exit 8 at Route 17 (Middletown Ave.) (Int. No. 092-298)

  • North Haven I-91 North Exit 12 at U.S. Route 5 (Washington Ave.) (Int. No. 100-208)

  • North Haven - Route 40 East Exit 1 at Dixwell Avenue (Int. No. 100-223)

  • Plainville Route 72 West Exit 2 at Route 372 (New Britain Ave.) (Int. No. 109-220)

  • Rocky Hill I-91 North Exit 24 at Route 99 (Silas Deane Hwy) (Int. No. 118-214)

  • Southbury - I-84 East Exit 16 at Route 188 (Strongtown Rd.) (Unsignalized)

  • Stonington - I-95 South Exit 90 at Route 27 (Greenmanville Rd.)(Int. No. 137-232)


It is the CTDOT’s policy to keep the public informed and involved when such projects are undertaken. It is important that the community share its concerns with us to assist in the project’s development. At this time, it is anticipated that an informational meeting or formal public hearing will not be necessary. 

The design plans for this project are expected to be completed in April 2022 with a tentative advertising date for construction in July 2022.

Anyone interested in requesting information on this project may do so by contacting Peter Brazaitis, Project Manager, at Peter.Brazaitis@ct.govPleasmake reference to Project No. 0170-3608.



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