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Welcome, and thank you for using the Department of Banking online form.  Please review the process below to find out what happens once you submit your complaint/inquiry. We look forward to addressing your concerns and providing you with assistance!

Educational Resources for Consumers
Note:  The Department can assist you with any inquiry, but only accepts complaints concerning entities we regulate - see Issues Handled by Other Regulatory Agencies for a listing of federal or state agencies that handle complaints concerning financial institutions the Department of Banking does not supervise.

Sending your Complaint/Inquiry:

  • You can send a complaint/inquiry about an issue you have with a financial institution, company or individual regarding a consumer financial product or service.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of our receipt of your documentation and we will email you updates.
  • We will forward your complaint/inquiry and any documents you provide to the financial institution, company, or individual and will work to get a response from them. If we find that another government agency would be better able to assist you, we will forward your complaint/inquiry to them and will notify you.
  • Based on the information and documentation presented, the Department of Banking will make a determination of compliance with Connecticut Banking law.

Receiving the Response:

  • The financial institution, company or individual reviews your written complaint/inquiry, communicates with you as needed, and reports back about the steps taken or that will be taken on the issue you identify in your complaint/inquiry.
  • We will let you know when the financial institution, company or individual responds.
  • You will be able to review the response and have the opportunity to advise us if you dispute any information in the response and/or the resolution.
  • If you do not agree with the resolution or response, you have the opportunity to provide additional documentation if needed.

Matters in Litigation:

We cannot become involved in complaints/inquiries that are in litigation or have been litigated, with the exception of judicial foreclosure of a mortgage on a primary residence in Connecticut. However, the role of the Department of Banking in such judicial foreclosure cases remains to enforce Connecticut Banking Law. In addition, we provide information, non-legal advice, and guidance, with contact information for appropriate community-based resources, suitable to the defendant/borrower. Those resources are summarized in our Foreclosure Hotline Bulletin.


In filing this complaint, I understand that the Department of Banking is not my private attorney.  I should contact a private attorney if I have any questions concerning my legal rights or responsibilities.  I also understand that information I submit to this agency may be considered public information subject to disclosure under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, Connecticut General Statutes Section 1-200 et. seq. or Section 36a-21 of the Connecticut General Statutes, which may provide additional protection from disclosure.     

I further understand that I may be asked to testify in the event that the Department of Banking takes legal action in connection with my complaint.   

By filing this complaint form, I authorize the Department of Banking to speak about my complaint or share this form and additional documentation included with the person or business I am complaining about or with other regulatory agencies. 

The above complaint is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. 

Please use the online form below to submit a complaint to the Department:

The list below includes common issues that the Department's Consumer Affairs unit handles.  Visit those links for resources that may provide additional information to assist you with your complaint.

Issues with Products and Services
Issues with Loans
Issues with Other Financial Services

Issues Handled by Other Regulatory Agencies

The Department of Banking does not regulate all financial institutions in Connecticut.  If we do not have the regulatory authority to address your concern, the following links may help:

Federally Chartered Banks:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)*

*Note that the FDIC is not a regulatory agency.  The FDIC insures bank deposits.

Federally Chartered Credit Unions:

Credit Card Companies:

Professional Trade Licenses (Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Contractors, etc.):
Utilities and Billing Disputes:

Insurance Complaints:

Internet Business and Fraud Complaints:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC):

FCC Complaint Center