Filing a Complaint With the Department of Banking 

To file a complaint, please visit the State of Connecticut's

e-license website

This will open a new window.  We recommend referring back to this page for step-by-step instructions on how to file your complaint through the e-licensing system.  Since this system is used by multiple state agencies we want to ensure your complaint comes to the Dept. of Banking.


  • Click the e-license website link above. Then click the button “File a New Complaint”
  • A search box will pop up on your screen.  At the bottom of the search box, click "Switch to Manual Entry".
  • When you click “Switch to Manual Entry” you will be required to select the Type of Complaint.  Be sure to select “Department of Banking”.  Please note that if you click a different selection the Department of Banking will NOT receive your complaint.
  • Insert information regarding the business or individual that is the target of your complaint.  When you click “File Complaint or Report,” please allow up to 30 seconds for the screen to advance.  You will then review the target of your complaint and proceed to the next screen by clicking “Next”.
    *As you proceed to each screen be sure to note the header in blue at the top of each screen. 
  • Enter your contact information on the “Complainant” screen and click "Next".  You will then proceed through various screens to provide the details of your complaint, and upload supporting documents if available.  You will also be able to review and print the complaint information before submitting.

Anonymous Complaints:
Online complaints may be submitted anonymously, however we will have no way to update you on the status of the complaint. Additionally, please keep in mind that your decision for anonymity may limit our ability to conduct a complete investigation.


Please contact the Department of Banking’s Consumer Affairs Unit if you have any questions or issues submitting your complaint online.

Phone Number: 860-240-8170
Toll-Free: 1-800-831-7225, ext. 8170