Freedom of Information Requests 

The State of Connecticut has implemented an online FOI management system called GovQA. This system has features that will help the Department of Banking process the request in a more efficient manner. 

CLICK HERE to begin your Freedom of Information request

After submitting a request through the link above you will receive prompt acknowledgement of your inquiry and be notified when your request is complete. The Department may contact requesters for clarification regarding the scope of requests so that it can efficiently process requests.

Freedom of Information (“FOI”)

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to obtain records and attend meetings of all public agencies in the State of Connecticut with certain exceptions.  General information and resources regarding FOI may be found at the Freedom of Information Commission. 

Before you submit your request, check to see if the information you are looking for is already available. Here are some helpful resources that contain data and information from the Department of Banking: