Hosting Services

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  • Distributed Platforms

    BITS Server Management offers secure highly available virtual hosting solutions for statewide applications and services.

  • Enterprise Application Hosting and Support

    Provide application server hosting for statewide agency web based applications hosted and managed by DAS BITS.

  • Enterprise Storage

    The DAS BITS Storage Area Network (SAN) / Network Attached Storage (NAS) service provides a robust disk storage infrastructure utilized by both mainframe and midrange/ enterprise server platforms for the State of Connecticut client/ user community.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are information systems application used for creating, manage, and analyze spatial information and Maps.

  • Mainframe Platforms

    Mainframe computing services consist of the hosting and maintenance of customer applications on mainframe servers at the Groton, Connecticut (GDC) or Springfield, Massachusetts (SDC), secure data processing centers.

  • Statewide Data Center Facilities

    DAS/BITS provides data processing center services in our Tier II redundant data centers located in Groton, Connecticut (GDC) and Springfield, Massachusetts (SDC).

  • Video Hosting Services

    Streaming Media is digital video or audio content that is sent in a continuous stream over a network and played as it arrives. This service is primarily used to host videos and stream them via the state’s website.