Network Management and Support


The Enterprise Network Services (ENS) supports numerous network infrastructures. The ENS support methodology consists of configuring network infrastructure devices with management protocols and through the use of centralized servers collect alerts, alarms, events and traps that report the network status. That data is output to multiple mediums including visual display, emails, text messages and pages monitored by ENS and the State of Connecticut Command Center staff 24 hours a day seven days a week. ENS technicians receive network status updates and utilize software and hardware tools to take whatever action is required of the message up to and including complete replacement of the hardware. The same centralized servers maintain software and configuration backups that can be restored to spare equipment (kept on-site) in the event of failure and provide configuration management. This status information is also used to baseline normal network operations for use in proactive monitoring activities such as Bandwidth utilization, Port Audits, Security Audits and performance metrics and reports.