Third Thursday Presentation David Drury

In his book,  “Hartford in World War I”,  David Drury traces the extraordinary story of Hartford, Connecticut during the war.  When the United States Congress declared war in April 1917, Connecticut answered the call to arms.  As the capital, Hartford was the hub of the state’s war effort. The city hosted major rallies and recruitment drives, and leaders from Hartford directed efforts to inspire patriotism and sacrifice.

Mr. Drury’s  talk is part of the State Library and Museum of Connecticut History’s Third Thursday Brownbag Lunchtime Speaker series and is part of the State Library’s multi-year commemoration of the Great War.  This series features a variety of speakers on various aspects of Connecticut history.  David Drury has been a  journalist for thirty-seven years. He retired as an editor at the Hartford Courant in 2008 and continues to contribute regularly to the newspaper and its website. Drury majored in modern European history at the University of Virginia and continued on with graduate study at the University of North Carolina. A lifelong student of history, he has written on various topics of historic interest for the Courant and This is his first book.