The Board appoints the State Librarian. They play a key role in ensuring all state libraries have the resources and support they need. They advocate for libraries, librarians, and the development of library services statewide.


Responsibilities of the Board include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Appointing the State Librarian 
  • Public library planning, development, and support 
  • Securing funding and construction grants for Connecticut libraries 
  • Maintaining the state’s libraries and official state archives

Board Minutes and Reports 

Access meeting agendas and minutes.

State Library Board Members (as of 7/25/23)Allen Hoffman - CHAIR West Hartford, CT

Jessica de Perio Wittman - VICE-CHAIR West Hartford, CT

Alison Clemens – New Haven, CT

Mary Etter – South Windsor, CT

Sandy Ruoff – Guilford, CT

Melissa Wlodarczyk-Hickey - Windsor Locks, CT

Sheri Szymanski – Monroe, CT

Sally P. Whipple - Colchester, CT

Scott Matheson  - Hamden, CT 

Honorable Henry S. Cohn Judge of the New Britain District Superior Court

Claudia Jalowka - CT Judicial Branch

Composition of the Connecticut State Library Board

The State Library Board consists of:

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or designee 
  • Chief Court Administrator or designee 
  • Commissioner of Education or designee 
  • Five members appointed by the Governor, including: 
    • One experienced librarian 
    • One experienced archivist 
    • One experienced museum professional 
  • One member each appointed by: 
    • President pro tempore of the Senate 
    • The minority leader of the Senate 
    • Speaker of the House of Representatives 
    • The minority leader of the House 
    • Appointed members serve the same amount of time as their appointee 
    • The State Librarian, who serves as the chief administrative officer of the Board