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The State Library’s Collections

Explore the Library’s collections for a window into Connecticut's colorful history and heritage. Collections include books, documents, maps, government records, and other materials. 

The State Library’s collections are great resources for lawyers, genealogists, state agencies, teachers, researchers, and anyone who wants to learn more about Connecticut. If you have questions or can't locate a specific collection, our reference staff is happy to help. 


Congressional Serial Set 

The United States Congressional Serial Set is a bound compilation of House and Senate Documents and House and Senate Reports. Publication began with the 15th Congress/1st session (1817). Documents of the first fourteen Congresses (1789-1816) were published in the American State Papers.

CT Library for Accessible Books 

Lends audio and braille books to people who can not read conventional print due to a disability.

Connecticut State Documents 

Comprehensive, historical collections of primary materials by and about Connecticut state agencies.

Federal Documents 

Regional Federal Depository Library for Connecticut and Rhode Island; receives and retains all publications, in all formats, distributed by the U. S. Government Publishing Office.

Genealogy Indexes 

A wealth of genealogy information and Connecticut vital records.

Law and Legislation 

Search law and legislative research guides. Our reference staff can also help with legal research. 

Legislative Archives (Permanent Bill File) 

Files of every bill introduced in the Connecticut General Assembly since 1911. 

Legislative Histories 

The State Library maintains the only complete collection of transcripts from Connecticut legislative committee hearings and proceedings from both chambers of the General Assembly.

Local Government 

Records and publications of Connecticut towns, boroughs, cities, counties and school districts from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries.

Middletown Library Service Center 

Libraries can borrow from the Middletown Library Service Center to supplement their own collections.

Museum collection 

Inspired artifacts of Connecticut industry, history, and culture.

Newspaper Resources 

The most comprehensive collection of Connecticut newspapers known to exist.

State Archives Collections 

Access our finding aids to request and view State Archives.

Connecticut State Documents 

Catalog of digital publications issued by the state government. Items may not be available through any other portal. We recommend consulting our online catalog when searching this collection.

Vertical Files 

Newspaper clippings, obituaries, and many other points of information about Connecticut.

Works Progress Administration Art Inventory 

Learn about the Works Progress Administration (WPA), recovery efforts, and the artists involved.

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