Municipal agencies that are part of the Municipal Records Management Program:

  • Towns 
  • Cities 
  • Boroughs 
  • Districts 
  • Other political subdivisions of the state 
  • Certain quasi-public agencies

Forms, Policies, & Procedures

Forms, policies, and procedures for the Municipal Records Management Program; including but not limited to: Records Retention and Disposition; Electronic Records; Digitization; Records Storage; Vaults; Land Records; and additional resources.

Municipal General Schedules

Records Retention Schedules show how long records must be retained based on administrative, fiscal, and legal requirements, as well as their historical value. General Records Retention Schedules list records that are common to many government offices.

Historic Documents Preservation Program

The Historic Documents Preservation Program supports municipalities in improving the preservation and management of local government records.
For state agencies and constitutional offices within the executive branch; public colleges and universities; and certain quasi-public agencies to access records management Forms, Policies, and ProceduresGeneral Retention SchedulesAgency Specific Retention Schedules; and the State Records Center
The Essential Records program supports the identification, preservation, protection, and accessibility of essential records of the state and of its political subdivisions.
More information about Public Records Administration.
For questions on managing public records (retention, disposition, etc)