Transferring records to the state archives
The State Archives adopted a collection policy with the approval of the State Library Board in 1991 which defined what records had archival or enduring informational value. 
Fillable form for the Memorandum of Transfer of records to the State Archives.
These procedures shall be read together with State Archives Policy 01: Transfer of Historical Records to the State Archives.
The State Library has established this policy regarding the transfer of public records with archival value to the State Archives or to another archival facility approved by the Office of the Public Records Administrator.
Acquisition, access, and reproduction of records in the state archives
Since 1855, the State Library has pursued a consistent policy of collecting the State’s official archival government records.
Collections, including the State Archives, that require special care and handling because of their unique nature, their fragility, or a combination of factors are located in limited access areas.
You can order copies or digital images of library material, including legislative histories, photographs, and other archival and special collection material.
Connecticut General Statutes §1-219 restricts veteran’s military records including but not limited to a DD 214 form for 75 years with the following provisions: