Reference Services Group

Reference Services Group

The Reference Services Group is the reference and research arm of the Connecticut State Library. The Library contains extensive collections of governmental and historical materials that reflect Connecticut’s long history. We assist members of the public and government agencies in using our resources and collections through our three specialized reference sections.

Connecticut State Documents Agency Responsibilities 

Government Information

Government Information has current and historical state, federal, and local government publications. CT State Library is the Regional Federal Depository for Connecticut and Rhode Island, and is the Connecticut State Documents repository.


History and Genealogy

History & Genealogy helps genealogists, historians, students, state employees, researchers, and the general public access extensive collections about Connecticut's past. History and Genealogy also acts as the access point for the State Archives.

Law and Legislation Reference Services

Law and Legislation

Law and Legislative Research maintains and provides access to a comprehensive collection of state and federal legal publications. Law and Legislative Reference Services also serves as the permanent home of Connecticut General Assembly official transcripts and legislative bill files and legislative histories.