The Historic Documents Preservation Program supports municipalities in improving the preservation and management of local government records.

  • Targeted grants are available to all municipalities as further described in the official 
  • Disaster recovery grants are offered in the event of a records disaster to 
    help defray recovery costs for essential, permanent, or archival records, as further 
    described in the Guidelines. 
  • Note that damage to records of any type must be reported immediately to the Public 
    Records Administrator at 860-757-6540, whether or not the municipality intends to 
    apply for a grant.

Contact Nicole Besseghir, 860-757-6563 with questions about the Historic Documents Grant Program.

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Forms, policies, and procedures for the Municipal Records Management Program.
Records Retention Schedules show how long records must be retained based on administrative, fiscal, and legal requirements, as well as their historical value. General Records Retention Schedules list records that are common to many government offices.
For the towns, cities, boroughs, districts, and other political subdivisions of the state to access records management Policies, Procedures & FormsRecords Retention Schedules; and the Historic Documents Preservation Grant Program.
For questions on managing public records (retention, disposition, etc)