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Office of the Public Records Administrator

The Office of the Public Records Administrator (OPRA) plans and runs the program for managing records in the State of Connecticut. This system makes sure government records are protected, accessible, and transparent. It also helps preserve public records for emergencies and future use. 

Municipal Records Management Program

For the towns, cities, boroughs, districts, and other political subdivisions of the state to access records management Forms, Policies, & ProceduresRecords Retention Schedules; and the Historic Documents Preservation Program.

State Records Management Program

For state agencies and constitutional offices within the executive branch; public colleges and universities; and certain quasi-public agencies to access records management Forms, Policies, and Procedures; General Retention Schedules; Agency Specific Retention Schedules; and the State Records Center

Essential Records Program

The Essential Records program supports the identification, preservation, protection, and accessibility of essential records of the state and of its political subdivisions. 

Contact the Public Records Administrator

LeAnn Power
Phone Number: 860-757-6540

View State Statutes

View state statutes about OPRA, the Records Management Program, and retention, destruction and transfer of documents. 
Connecticut General Statute § 11-8