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Records Retention Schedules show how long records must be retained based on administrative, fiscal, and legal requirements, as well as their historical value. General Records Retention Schedules list records that are common to many government offices. The record series are grouped by function rather than office. Most offices will use multiple records retention schedules for their records.

Municipal agencies that are part of the Municipal Records Management Program:

  • Towns 
  • Cities 
  • Boroughs 
  • Districts 
  • Other political subdivisions of the state 
  • Certain quasi-public agencies

Contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator if:

  • You have records that you cannot locate on any records retention schedule
  • You are not sure if your agency is included in the program
  • You are looking for superseded or obsolete records retention schedules
Forms, policies, and procedures for the Municipal Records Management Program.
The Historic Documents Preservation Program supports municipalities in improving the preservation and management of local government records.
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