Traveling Archivist Program

The Traveling Archivist Program (TAP) is a program of the Connecticut State Historical Records Advisory Board with Conservation ConneCTion and funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission [NHPRC].

The purpose of the Traveling Archivist Program is to encourage best practices in the management, arrangement, preservation, and access of archival collections in museums, historical societies and public libraries with local history collections in Connecticut.

This program will provide a free half-day (3 hour) site visit from the Traveling Archivist to museums and historical societies with archival collections and public libraries with local history collections. The Traveling Archivist will encourage and instruct staff and volunteers of these institutions in best practices, including management, arrangement, description, preservation and access. Participating institutions will receive resource materials; a three-page written report by the Traveling Archivist summarizing the visit and the work completed and include any recommendations or further directions; as well as a three-month follow-up via phone/email from the Traveling Archivist. Participating institutions may be asked to complete an online self-assessment regarding their archival collection, and will be expected to provide copies of their mission statement, collection policies and procedures to the Traveling Archivist prior to the site visit.


Any Connecticut museum, historical society or public library with a local history collection or a publicly accessible archival collection may apply. Priority will be given to applications received by the deadline. Applications received after the deadline will still be considered depending on availability. Participants from the Archival Assessment Project are encouraged to apply. Organizations with less than 10 linear feet of archival collections are not eligible.

Application Procedures

Your completed application will help inform the Traveling Archivist to the type of assistance your archival collection needs. Selected organizations are expected to commit to fully participate in this program.

Application Deadline: To be announced.

Electronic applications may be emailed to:
Kathy Craughwell-Varda,
Please type "TAP Application" in the subject line.

Please mail paper copies to: Kathy Craughwell-Varda, Conservation ConneCTion, 6 Old Middle Road, Brookfield, CT 06804.

Questions relating to the application may be addressed to:
Kathy Craughwell-Varda, Conservation ConneCTion,
Phone: 203-241-0618, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Photo of handwritten document about Divorce Records Entered in Early Connecticut Superior Court Record Books, 1716-1798

Making the Most of Your Site Visit with the Traveling Archivist

  • Make sure to confirm dates and any travel arrangements with the Traveling Archivist at


  • Clearly define the goals of the site visit and convey that information to the Traveling Archivist.


  • If collections will be examined, make sure they are accessible before the Traveling Archivist arrives.


  • If work space will be required, be sure to clear a safe and clean workspace prior to the site visit.


  • Have a brief orientation session to introduce the Traveling Archivist to key staff, paid or unpaid; review the site visit schedule; and discuss the institution’s goals for the site visit.


  • Make sure to include staff and board in the site visit. Ask the Traveling Archivist if she would like to schedule meetings with specific board or staff members and/or whether these members may observe the site visit.


  • Consider video or audio taping the Traveling Archivist as she works at your site so you can share their observations with board members or other stakeholders. A video camera is available for borrowing from Conservation ConneCTion, please let the Traveling Archivist know if you would like to videotape the visit.


  • Have copies of collections policies, building plans, or other relevant documents available. Make sure to tell the Traveling Archivist what policies are already in place. If they pertain to the care of the collection or sites, the Traveling Archivist may want to review these documents with you. The Traveling Archivist may also suggest additional policies your museum should implement.

Questions?  Contact Kathy Craughwell-Varda, Conservation ConneCTion at 203-241-0618 or