Dahler, Warren (1887-1961)

Warren Dahler was born on October 12, 1887, in New York City. He studied at the National Academy of Design and the University of Chicago. He was a member of the Silvermine Guild of Artists in New Canaan and the National Society of Mural Painters. Dahler worked on the predecessor to the WPA Federal Arts Project, the Public Works of Art Project. He completed 12 easel works and two murals for the WPA. His work was allocated to Old Norwalk High School, New Norwalk High School, and Mansfield Training School. He specialized in delicate floral studies. Dahler died in a fire at his home in Norwalk, where he lived alone, on February 2, 1961.

 Source: Who Was Who in American Art (1985).

Images from the collection hosted on Flickr

Warren Dahler

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Warren Dahler:

Flower Study #1: oil
Flower Study #2: oil
Flower Study #3: oil
Flower Study #4: oil
Work Pageant (Mural Sketch): oil
Steam Room in a Hat Factory: oil
Horses of Rhesus: oil
Death & Sleep Carrying Sarpedon: oil
The Old Bouquet: oil
Gladioli & Daffodils:
Autumn Flowers:
Nursery Tale Murals: oil
Dahler, Warren