Connecticut State Documents Collection

Comprehensive, historical collections of primary materials by and about Connecticut state agencies. Contains materials dating from the late colonial period. Annual reports chronicling governance of the state for the past one hundred fifty years. Legislative support and background materials. Extended series of publications and individual studies done by various agencies collectively record almost every aspect of Connecticut’s history, natural resources, socioeconomic condition, culture and quality of life. 

Section 11-9c of the Connecticut General Statutes states that “The State Library shall administer and provide access to the public, on a permanent basis, to a collection of tangible state publications, and to a digital archive of intangible state publications and a depository library system.”

The Connecticut State Documents Depository Program acquires, catalogs, preserves and makes accessible publications of Connecticut state agencies, and distributes them to a network of Depository Libraries throughout the state, making them locally available to Connecticut citizens.

Our extensive collection goes back to the 1850s.

State Government Publications in the Connecticut Digital Archive

The Connecticut Digital Archive ensures that publications of Connecticut state government issued only in electronic format would be collected, cataloged, and preserved for current and future use.

Official publications of the agencies of the State of Connecticut. Many of the documents are born-digital and are not readily available through any other portal. We recommend consulting our online catalog when searching this collection.

State Government Publications in the Internet Archive 

There are some state documents in the Hathi Trust repository – these have been uploaded by other libraries, and not the Connecticut State Library.