Request a Talking Book Player

Request a Talking Book Player

Digital Talking Book Player with Cassette About Washington, the Making of the Capital

Digital Talking Book Machine

Digital Talking Book Machines, also known as talking book players, play talking book and magazine cartridges.  These machines are available to patrons who qualify for service from the CT Library for Accessible Books (CT LAB). 

To request a player, complete an application for service.  When completing your application, indicate that you would like to receive books and magazines sent to your home via the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

Digital Talking Books

Digital Talking Books from CT LAB are loaded on to specially designed talking book cartridges that are inserted into talking book players for playback.  Each cartridge is created on-demand by CT LAB for patrons based upon request or reading preferences.  Multiple digital talking books can be loaded onto a single cartridge.  Cartridges are sent to patrons via USPS.  For more information, please visit our Books and Materials page.


CTLAB offers accessories, such as headphones and breath switches, for use with Digital Talking Book Machines.

High-volume digital talking book players are available for patrons who are hard of hearing.  To receive a high-volume talking book player, patrons must complete an application and have it certified by a physician or audiologist. 

For more information about accessories, please visit our Apply for Service page, or call CT LAB at 1-800-842-4516.