Library User Conduct Policy

In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to research and study at the Connecticut State Library Building at 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, the Library expects all library users to respect the rights of other library users; comply with the directions given by staff; and comply with library policies and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Failure to comply with any portion of this policy may result in suspension of library privileges or expulsion from the Library. This policy applies equally to State Library staff as well as patrons.

The Library will post signs and otherwise inform patrons that:
When visiting the State Library you are welcome to:

  • Use our collections & databases for your research needs
  • Use our photocopiers, microform readers and scanners (some fees may apply)
  • Use our public computers or your electronic devices, but:
    • Please silence your phones
    • You may not view or display pornographic material in any format
    • Please prevent sounds from electronic devices from disturbing other patrons
  • Connect to our wireless network
  • Have conversations that don’t disturb others
  • Bring your children with you, but never leave them unattended
  • Consume food and beverages, but only in the public lounge area

    Upon observation of any violation of this policy, staff may take either of the following actions:

  • Politely request the person to cease the behavior in question
  • Report the behavior to security personnel who will take appropriate enforcement action

Approved by: State Library Board
Date approved: 3/27/95; 7/27/10
Revised: 2/28/97; 7/15/10
Revised: 7/25/11
Date approved: 3/27/95; 7/27/10; 7/25/11