Intellectual Property Policy

The Intellectual Property Policy of the Connecticut State Library shall be to promote the greatest possible access to, and fair use of, the library, archival, and museum resources in a manner which:

  • protects the intellectual property rights for materials in its various collections in compliance with applicable federal and state laws,
  • preserves fragile resources for future generations of users, and
  • recognizes the State Library’s own rights and responsibilities as creator and owner of intellectual property.

The Connecticut State Library is committed to contributing to the state, national and international information infrastructure. The State Library’s role in information acquisition and use balances the value of an unabridged flow of information with the need for accountability. The State Library acknowledges the research value of personal information, while also recognizing that some privacy interests and publicity rights are protected by law. The State Library is committed to protecting those interests and rights for individuals who have personally identifiable information held by the Agency.

In implementing this policy, the Connecticut State Library reserves the right to restrict access to resources as required by deed of gift, copyright, patent, trademark, or other legal mandate, or privacy interest protected by state or federal law. Absent such specific rights restricting access, the Connecticut State Library will endeavor to make all resources freely accessible.

Approved, State Library Board – 11/26/01
Last updated date: Friday, September 16, 2011 – 11:40