Tourist Attraction Sign Program for Limited Access Highways
Qualifying Business Types
Amusement Park - A permanent area, which is open to the general public for activities such as picnicking, hiking, swimming, boating, entertainment rides, etc.
Arena - A stadium, sports complex, auditorium, civic or convention center or racetrack, which has a capacity of at least 5,000.
College or University - An institution, which is approved by a nationally recognized accreditation agency and which grants degrees.  The institution must have a physical campus where classes are taught.
Cultural Center - A facility for the performing arts, exhibits, or concerts.
Facility, Tour Location - A business that conducts daily scheduled tours with a minimum of nine per week.  Eligible attractions may be on-site tours that operate year-round at facilities such as plants, factories or institutions.  Eligible attractions may also be off-site tour-providers services that operate tours at least six months per year for local attractions of historical, architectural, cultural or scientific interest to tourists, such as battlefields or historic districts.  Tours of the off-site type are typically conducted by boat, carriage, motor coach, railway, etc.  For tour-provider services, only the point of purchase for the service shall be signed.
Historical Site or District - A structure or area recognized by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Office of Culture and Tourism as a historic attraction.  historic districts shall provide the public with a single, central location, such as a self-service kiosk or welcome center, where motorists can obtain information regarding the historic district.
Museum - A facility, open to the public at least 100 days per year, in which works of artistic, historical, or scientific value are cared for and exhibited to the public.
Observatory - A facility designed and equipped for making observations of astronomical, meteorological, or other natural phenomena.
Recreational Area - Recreational attractions including, but not limited to, bicycling, boating, fishing, hiking, rafting, swimming, picnicking, snowmobiling, or cross country skiing.
Major Shopping Center - A shopping center is a group of stores separated by floor to ceiling partitions, which has a minimum of 10 stores and a minimum of 400,000 square feet or has a minimum of 30 stores and a minimum of 100,000 square feet.
Ski Area - A downhill skiing area with equipment rentals.  A cross country ski area with equipment rentals and a minimum of 5 miles of marked and groomed trails.
State or National Park, Forest - An area designated by and under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection or the National Park Service.
Tourist Information Centers - A facility that provide tourist information, directions, maps, and brochures of regional tourist attractions to the general public.
Unique Natural Area - A naturally occurring area which is of outstanding interest to the general public, such as a waterfall or a cavern. 
Zoological/Botanical Park/Aquarium - A facility in which living animals or plants are kept and exhibited to the public.
Non-Qualifying Business Types
Businesses - Automobile Dealers; Banks; Batting Cages; Country Clubs; Farms; Funeral Homes; Garden Centers; General Commercial Sales; Go-Cart Racing; Golf Courses; Golf Driving Ranges; Grocery Stores; Industrial Parks and Plants; Local Shopping Centers; Miniature Golf; Movie Theaters; Orchards; Pharmacies; Residential Trailer Parks (private); Spas; Taverns/Bars/Night Clubs; Truck Stops; TV/Radio Stations; Vineyards; Wineries, Breweries; Distilleries.
Communities - Chamber of Commerce; Civil Centers Military (VFW/American Legion, etc.); Fraternal Societies; Housing Subdivisions; Libraries; Post Offices; Religious Facilities
Historical - Privately Owned Facilities, Homes, and Buildings not open to the public
Industrial Parks
Medical - Research Facilities; Infirmaries; Treatment Centers; Retirement Facilities; Nursing Homes; Humane Facilities; Veterinary Clinics; Extended Care Facilities; Hospices; Health Clubs; Sanitariums/Asylums
Military - Armories; Civil Defense Facilities; Arsenals; Sites/Detachments
Municipal Parks or Fairgrounds
Schools - Child Learning Facilities; Day-care Facilities; Grade Schools; High Schools; Vo-techs; Seminaries; Private Schools