Tourist Attraction Sign Program for Limited Access Highways
Custom Logo Design Guidelines
  • The overall size of the panels must be maintained. Sign No. 51-6749 (60-in wide by 36-in tall) will be installed on the freeway mainline, while Sign No. 51-6753 (30-in wide by 18-in tall) will be installed on off-ramps and conventional roads for trailblazing.
  • The panel shall not bear any advertising, commercial message, slogan, phone number, or internet web address.
  • The border thickness and radius should be maintained as shown on the standard CT Sign Details. As long as sign legend stays within the standard distance from the edges of the sign, the border/radius will fit.
  • The DOT generic panels use 8-in letter height for highway legibility. With custom attraction logos, it is recommended this standard be held in an effort to make the text legible for drivers at highway speeds.
  • The logo provided on the panel should match logos that are currently in use by the establishment (ex. McDonald’s golden arches).
  • The attraction panel will be installed on a Tourist Attraction sign with a blue background. Although the border does help differentiate the two, the contrast between the panel and the overall sign could be affected by the panel’s background color. A light background with dark letters is preferred.
  • Only the following supplemental messages may be used with the logo panel: Open 24 Hours, Seasonal.