Types of Vehicles That Require Inspections and Re-inspections


  • The following vehicles require an inspection: mini vans, full size vans, SUVs, crossovers, wagons, buses, vehicles that are stretched or modified, and any vehicle not listed that shares a luggage area with the passenger compartment. Stretched or modified vehicles are permitted in livery service where the manufacturer has officially approved the vehicle for modification, the modification was carried out by a manufacturer-sanctioned modifier, and the modifier has installed a permanent certification label the vehicle’s door jam or other location approved by the Federal DOT.

  • Full size van type vehicles with a factory capacity of eight (8) passengers or more (regardless of modified/reduced seating capacity), vehicles in excess of 10,000 pounds, and buses shall be initially inspected by CTDOT and be issued a Reciprocity Sticker, valid for six (6) months. Every six (6) months thereafter, the vehicle shall be inspected by DMV, who shall issue a new Reciprocity Sticker for the future six (6) month period. Currently, DMV form B312 is used for inspections.

  • The Federal DOT requires that the US DOT number be displayed on the side of van type vehicles, buses, vehicles with a capacity of 8 passengers or more (7 plus the driver or more), and modified/stretched vehicles.

  • Stretched or modified vehicles shall be presented for re-inspection by CTDOT every 24 months.

  • If your vehicle is in need of an initial inspection, or a re-inspection (for stretched or modified vehicles) call CTDOT to schedule an inspection at 860-594-2871 or 2898, or email an Inspector, contact information is on the webpage. All other re-inspections are conducted by CTDMV at hub offices.