State Matching Grant Program for Demand Responsive Transportation for Elderly and People with Disabilities (Connecticut General Statutes 13b-38bb)

The annual application process for this program begins in January each year and awards are made in the spring. Please be sure to use the current application document - it is updated every year. While there is an application submission deadline for this program, applications are accepted at any time. However, applications received after the deadline may not be approved or able to start service with the new fiscal year.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about this program.

The management plan and application are available online for State Fiscal Year 2020-2022:

MGP SFY2017 Management Plan: MS Word - PDF

MGP SFY2020-2022 Application: MS Word

MGP SFY2020-2022 Attachment 1, Maintenance of Effort Certification: MS Word

MGP SFY2020-2022 Attachment 2, Grant Assignment Certification: MS Word

MGP SFY2020-2022 Attachment 3, Budget: MS Excel