Section 5310 Application Materials
The 2022 Section 5310 application is now available for Nontraditional operating projects only. Due to significant increase in the vehicle pricing, the full allotment for the traditional program of the FFY 2022 apportionment, will be used to compensate for the difference in vehicle pricing for the Subrecipients awarded through 2019 and 2020&2021 application cycles. As a result, no Traditional applications can be solicited at this time.  

The 2022 Section 5310 Operating Applications are due on Friday, June 30, 2023 and should be submitted via email to 

Applications materials (links):
CTsource Bid Board and type "15699" into the solicitation search engine. Select the 2022 Section 5310 application cycle solicitation link.

Any questions or requests for additional information about the Section 5310 program and application process may be emailed to