Section 5310 Application Materials
The 2021 Section 5310 application cycle resulted in a comprehensive and robust state-wide proposal of projects that was created via a collaborative process with the regional Councils of Governments. The proposal has now been approved by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and is available for public viewing on the state's contracting portal, CTSource. 

To access the award list, visit: 

CTsource Bid Board and type "2275" into the solicitation search engine. Select the 2021 Section 5310 application cycle solicitation link and click to "View Award Report(s)" in the upper right corner. The award listing is located in the Award Report. 

The 2022 Section 5310 application cycle is estimated to begin late Summer/early Fall 2022. This website will be updated as more information becomes available. 

Any questions or requests for additional information about the Section 5310 program and application process may be emailed to