Connecticut Operation Lifesaver has a committee that consists of the Connecticut Commissioner (chair) of the Department of Transportation (or their designee), the Connecticut Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles (or their designee) and the Connecticut Commissioner of the Department Emergency Services and Public Protection (or their designee).  The committee can have various advisor members, such as railroad professionals, municipal officials, Federal Railroad Administration officials and other safety professionals. 

According to the state statute (13b-376) the Operation Lifesaver Committee shall: (1) Administer and operate the operation lifesaver program; (2) establish committees to promote the program on the local level; (3) educate the public with information designed to reduce the number of accidents, deaths and injuries at railroad and at-grade crossings; (4) encourage state and local law enforcement agencies to vigorously enforce the law governing motorist and pedestrian rights and responsibilities; (5) encourage the development of engineering and safety improvements; (6) encourage the maintenance of railroad and at-grade crossings; (7) make recommendations to the General Assembly implementing the purposes of the committee. The committee shall annually review its progress and submit its findings and recommendation to the joint standing committee of the General Assembly having cognizance of matter relating to transportation.


The Connecticut Operation Lifesaver will be meeting at least twice annually.  The date and time will be determined by the chair of the committee. 




State Coordinator
Kevin Burns
Phone: (203) 497-3381
Meeting Schedules