Lettering Specifications for Bus-Type Vehicles

  1. There shall be displayed on the sides of each bus a minimum four (4) inch name or trade name of the company, which may be in a typeface that reflects the logo, trade dress, or advertising design of the operator. There shall be a minimum two (2) inch United States Department of Transportation identifying number and the words “OPERATED BY” in 2-inch uppercase letters curbside below the window line in a color that contrasts with the body color.

  2. For each bus the seating capacity shall be displayed to the rear of the front entrance door so it can be seen at all times while the entrance door is open. All of the text shall and all of the numbers shall be not less than two (2) inches in height, and the words “SEATING CAPACITY” shall be in uppercase letters.

  3. A three (3) inch identifying number shall be conspicuously placed on the front, rear and sides of the exterior, and on the interior in a readily visible position in the forward area of every bus.