Avon Mountain Safety Improvements and Studies

On Going Safety Improvements
The Project consists of safety improvements on Route from 500 feet east of the Route 10 intersection easterly to the Avon / West Hartford town line.  For additional information please select the link in the title above. 
Completed Safety Improvements
Traffic Signing
The Department of Transportation immediately reviewed and upgraded the existing signage on Route 44 over Avon Mountain.  The existing signage was enlarged and new signs were added. (completed 9/2005)
Police Ticketing Areas
Sections of Route 44 were widened to provide for police ticketing areas in both directions to address speeding concerns. (completed 12/2005)
Pavement Surface Improvements at the Curves
Resurfaced horizontal curves in Avon with high friction pavement. (completed 8/2006)
Relocated Electronic Side-mounted Stop Ahead Signs
Existing side mounted signs were relocated to overhead on the westbound approach to Route 10 and the eastbound approach to Mountain Road to improve visibility (completed Winter 2006/2007)
Provided Temporary Variable Message Signs (VMS)
Temporary VMS signs were provided to inform drivers of roadway condition changes (i.e. snow or ice) or traffic incidents (completed summer 2007)
Provided Remote Weather Station near the top of the mountain
A weather station was provided at the top of the mountain in order to improve the Department's response to changing roadway conditions. (completed summer 2007)
The project involved the construction of retaining walls, concrete barrier curb and a state of the art Dragnet Vehicle Arresting Barrier System.  This system includes a series of fiber arresting nets and cables that are attached to self contained energy absorbing units that are designed to safely stop a vehicle. The Dragnet Vehicle Arresting Barrier was supplied by Impact Absorption, Inc. of Douglaston, New York.  (anticipated contract completion date: April 30, 2008)  For additional information click on the link in the title above. 
Future Considerations
Investigate the possibility of grade separating Route 44 and Route 10
The Department developed a concept to eliminate the at-grade intersection of Nod Road and Waterville Road (Route 10) with Route 44 at the base of Avon Mountain.   The concept provides for a relocated Nod Road to overpass Route 44, and connect with a relocated Waterville Road,  approximately 500 feet west of the existing intersection.  The Department has prepared preliminary digital renderings of the concept and is initiating dialogue with town officials and some local stakeholders. 
The Route 44/Route 10 reconfiguration concept was presented at a Special Meeting of the Avon Town Council held on April 14, 2008.  A link to the presentation including preliminary renderings is included in the link below.