Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enforcement Program
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The general goal of Connecticut’s Impaired Driving Program is to substantially reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes. The Impaired Driving Program emphasizes enforcement efforts of reducing driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol (DUI). Through cost-share-programming, it has been possible to substantially increase the number of officers throughout the State to engage in high-visibility DUI enforcement. Activities include a combination of extra DUI patrols and sobriety checkpoints. These activities convey to motorists a simple message: if they drive impaired, they will be caught.
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General Information
Guidelines for DUI Enforcement Grants
DUI Grant Reference Guide
DUI Reimbursement Reference Guide
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Grant Applications
Highway Safety Project Application (HS1 Grant Application MS Excel Format)
DUI Municipal Grant
DUI Resident Trooper Grant
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Reimbursement Materials
1st Billing Period (MS Excel Format)
2nd Billing Period (MS Excel Format)
3rd Billing Period (MS Excel Format)
4th Billing Period (MS Excel Format)
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Public Outreach and Education
Connecticut's Impaired Driving Law
Link to Drink-Drive-Lose.com
Link to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
Link to NHTSA - www.nhtsa.gov
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