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ProjectWise Online (CTDOT’s Project/Asset Document Management System)

ProjectWise (PW) Online is CTDOT’s current document management system for all capital project contract documents (plans, specifications and other contract documents). 

PW Online is a cloud based database with access through both a thick and thin client interface.  The thick client interface uses a software called ProjectWise Explorer that offers integration with Microstation, InRoads and Microsoft Office and is primarily used within the CTDOT main office in Newington.  The thin client interface is accessed through the web increasing mobility to external users and consultant engineers.

PW Online gives CTDOT robust document management and workflow utilities to maintain version control and eliminate document duplication.   Additionally PW Online allows for robust securities,  accessibility through the cloud and geospatial attribution of projects and assets.

Along with current design and construction plans, specifications and other contract documents there is a large data set of as-built recorded legacy project plans.  In addition to project data, bridge and sign support structure inventory inspection information is being managed with asset to project tagging.  

Going forward additional high value Electronic Engineering Data (EED) is targeted for collection at final design submission.  This EED will include three dimensional models, a byproduct of the design process that has shown an increase in demand by the contracting industry and FHWA.  Further EED information targeted will be asset installation/rehabilitation documents like shop and working drawings for bridges, retaining walls, structure sign supports and traffic signal equipment.   

Requests for additional information should be addressed to William Pratt or the AEC Applications Staff listing:

William S. Pratt, P.E.
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone:(860) 594-3320

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