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Mobile Inspection Technology
Supported by AEC Applications
Alternate Method of Measurement Memorandum for Project 0124-0162

What is Inspection Technology?

AEC Applications has introduced GPS (Global Positioning System) and RTS (Robotic Total Station) Inspection Technology to construction for inspection of roadway projects.  This technology  repurposes the Electronic Engineering Data (EED) which was used to produce the construction contract plans. EED consists of the CAD models, coordinate geometry files, and digital terrain models.  This technology allows the inspector to verify locations of contract items and has also been approved as a method of measurement for payment.  Contractors can also use the EED for bidding, layout and Automated Machine Control/Guidance purposes.  In the future, this technology may also be used for as-builts and asset management.

What software is be utilized?

The Department has adopted Trimble Business Center Heavy Construction Edition (BC-HCE) and Site Controller Software (SCS900) for data preparation, inspection and reporting.  The EED is produced using Bentley MicroStation, InRoads and OpenRoads software.  The Department will be furnishing both the native formats and converted formats, at advertisement, on the States Contracting Portal ConnDOT Bids and RFP's


The Advanced Continuous Operation Reference Network (ACORN) is a statewide system of base stations that the Department utilizes to provide the necessary real-time corrections for the GPS equipment.  It is operated by the University of Connecticut through a partnership with CTDOT. This network is free to the public and a user name and password can be acquired by logging onto





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