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Installations and Revisions of Traffic Control Signals in Various Connecticut Towns

The Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is developing plans to upgrade existing traffic control signal equipment or install new traffic control signal equipment to meet current Department standards at 11 locations in the cities and towns of Mansfield, New London, Plainfield, Portland, Deep River, Stonington, and Westbrook. At applicable locations, pedestrian control features (countdown pedestrian indications, accessible pushbuttons, and sidewalk ramps) will be upgraded to improve accessibility and pedestrian safety. CTDOT will coordinate with the city/town during the design phase. The following intersections are listed below:

Traffic Control Signal – Full Replacement:

  • 077-214 Mansfield Route 195 (Storrs Rd) at SR 633 (South Frontage Rd) at U.S. Route 6
  • Eastbound On Ramp

  • 077-215 Mansfield Route 195 (Storrs Rd) at SR 632 (North Frontage Rd)

  • 077-224 Mansfield Route 195 (Storrs Rd) at Drive to East Brook Mall

  • 094-211 New London Route 213 (Ocean Ave) at Willetts Avenue 

  • 108-204 Plainfield Route 12 (Putnam Rd) at Route 205 (Wauregan Rd) and 

  • Moosup Pond Road

  • 112-210 Portland Routes 17 & 66 (Marlborough St) at Airline Avenue and High Street

  • 122-205 Deep River Route 80 (Winthrop Rd) at Cedar Swamp Road and Westbrook Road

  • 137-210 Stonington Route 27 (Greenmanville Rd) at Coogan Boulevard and I-95

  • Northbound Off Ramp

  • 154-207 Westbrook Route 153 (Essex Rd) at Norris Avenue #2, Flat Rock Place, and 

  • I-95 Northbound Ramps

  • 154-208 Westbrook Route 153 (Essex Rd) at I-95 Southbound Ramps

Traffic Control Signal – Partial Replacement:

  • 077-238 Mansfield Route 195 (Storrs Rd) at Storrs Road Plaza and Riverview Road

It is CTDOT’s policy to keep the public informed and involved when such projects are undertaken.  It is important that the community share its concerns with us to assist in the project’s development.  At this time, it is anticipated that an informational meeting or formal public hearing will not be necessary. 

The design plans for this project are expected to be completed in May 2024 with a tentative advertising date of July 2024. 

Anyone interested in requesting information on this project may do so by contacting Gregory R. Palmer, Project Manager at (860) 594-2748 or via email at Gregory.Palmer@ct.gov. Please make reference to Project No. 0172-0513.


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