Office of Education and Data Management Career Development Handouts for 2020


Career Development Handouts 2020


Fall Semester

October - FA 2020 NFPA 58 LP-Gas Session 1/Joseph Versteeg, Instructor

Spring Semester

January - Commercial Code Series:  Non-Structural/Milton G. Grew, Instructor
(two slides per page)

January - Fire and Smoke Protection Features/Bruce E. Johnson, Instructor
(two slides per page)

  • Restrained and Unrestrained Assemblies
  • Dampers - Marking and Application Guide
  • Doors, Windows and Related Hardware - Marking and Application Guide

    - Commercial Code Series - Electrical/Salvatore Cenatiempo, Instructor
    (two slides per page)
    Commercial - Checklist Electrical 

    February - Fire Protection Systems/Brad Cronin, Instructor
    (two slides per page)

    March - From Soup to Nuts - 2020 State Building Code Updates/Darren Hobbs, Instructor
    (two slides per page)

    March - Youth Fire Setters/Ann Adams, Francis Carino, Paul Makuc, Brian Mello, Instructors
    (two slides per page)