Office of Education and Data Management Career Development Handouts for 2015


Career Development Handouts 2015

Spring Semester

January - Building Official Enforcement Review / Judith Dicine, Steven Lesko, Patrice Palombo, Jennifer Cooper, Instructors

January - Residential Swimming Pools and the 2012 IRC and ISPSC / Greg Grew, Instructor

February - The New Fuel Gas Code  /John Doucette and John Tye, Instructors

February - IBC Code Update (Chapters 7 - 10) / Mark Tebbets, Instructor

February/March - Identification and Classification of Hazardous Occupancies / Joe Versteeg, Instructor

March - Fireworks and Special Effects Regulations and Inspections / Paul Makuc and Joseph Lombardi, Instructors
Fireworks and Special Effects Presentation
Fireworks Statutes
Regulations Concerning Fireworks and Special Effects
Application for Permit to Display Fireworks or Special Effects

March - Wood Trusses: Theory, Practice and Problems / Tom DiBlasi, Instructor 
(two slides per page)

April - Fire Resistance Rated Construction / Doug Schanne, Instructor

April - HVAC: New Systems and the New Codes / Roger Stolting, Instructor 
(two slides per page)

May - Emergency Power Systems for Life Safety / Earl Dean and Fred Mertz, Instructors

- Evaluating Fire Protection Systems / Iggy Kapalczynski, Instructor

June - 2012 IECC Compliance Documentation / Fred Wajcs, Instructor

Fall Semester

September - 2010 NFPA 72 / Roger Reiswig, Instructor 
(two slides per page)

September - Understanding Residential HVAC Equipment Sizing / Buck Taylor, Instructor
Handouts – required for class
2-slide PowerPoint Presentation – optional
3-slide PowerPoint Presentation –optional
Resource File (includes spreadsheet tool for Manual S) – optional; for review and use by code officials, including documents they may wish to share with contractors/public.

October - Solar PV Systems / Fred Mertz, Instructor

October - NFPA 1 and the New Connecticut Supplement Steven Sawyer and Joe Kingston, Instructors
3-slide PowerPoint Presentation [Part I] [Part II]
2-slide PowerPoint Presentation [Part I] [Part II]

November - Fire Resistant Construction and UL Resources for Code Officials / Bruce Johnson, Instructor
(two slides per page)

November - 2012 IBC Code Changer - Chapters 1-10 (updated) / Don Vigneau, Instructor
(two slides per page)

December - Fire Protection Requirements and Features per the 2012 IRC / James Quish, Instructor 
(two slides per page)

December - Fire Investigators and Detectives Working to Build an Arson Case / CSP Detective Wayne Opdenbrouw, CSP Detective John Sawyer, Norwich Officer Robert Smith and Norwich DFM Jacob Manke, Instructors 
(two slides per page)