Office of Education and Data Management Career Development Handouts for 2014


Career Development Handouts 2014

Spring Semester

January - Building Official Enforcement Review / Judith Dicine, Instructor 
BO Enforcement Review 2014
Building Stop Work Order
SBC Notice of Referral for Criminal Prosecution and Cover Letter to Prosecutor
JDs and States Attorneys 2014

January - Chapter 6 of the 2009 IRC - Wall Bracing / Tim York and Lou Daviau, Instructors 
Chapter 6 IRC
Table 1
Table 2
Table 3
Table R602 2012 2009 Comparison

January - Determining Incendiary Fire Cause / Paul Makuc, Instructor 

February - Code Requirements and Inspections in Education Occupancies / Barry Rickert and Doug Schanne, Instructors

February - CT Residential Code Requirements for Pools & Spas / Greg Grew, Instructor 

March - The Building Permit Process for Building and Fire Officials / David Jolley and Doug Schanne, Instructors 

March - Significant Changes from the 2009 IECC to the 2012 IECC / Donald Vigneau, Instructor

March - Solar Photovoltaic Systems / Christopher Warfel, Instructor

April - Notable Changes to the 2012 International Fire Code / Michael Sinsigalli, Instructor

April - Boilers and the IMC Handout link to PDF and IMC Boilers Presentation / Wayne Townsend, Instructor

- Inspection of Multi-Family Existing Dwellings / Raymond Walker and Lauri Volkert, Instructors

May - 2011 NEC Chapters 5-9 / Rick Massicott, Instructor

June - Hydraulic Calculations  / Iggy Kapalczynski, Instructor

Fall Semester

September - Overview of NFPA 1 with Respect to Hazmat Codes / John Doucette, Instructor 

September - Overview of Changes to the IRC / Mark Tebbets, Instructor

October - Overview of Changes to the IBC (1 of 3) / Mark Tebbets, Instructor

November - Overview of Changes to the 2014 NEC / Frank Gladwin, Instructor

December - The Inspection Process/Mike Sinsigalli, Instructor

- The 2012 IECC: Changes and Tests / Fred Wajcs, Instructor

December - Fire Official Enforcement Review / Judith Dicine, Patrice Palombo, Steven Lesko, Instructors