DAS Construction Services - RFQs for Construction Manager at Risk Services


  • What type of services does a CMR provide?

    Depending on the needs of the specific project, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services selects a Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) to provide services related to the construction, renovation and/or alteration of state buildings or facilities, including (but not limited to) the following:

    Preconstruction Design Phase Services:

    Constructability Reviews;

    Blasting and Pile Driving Report;

    Site Logistics Plan;

    Building Excavation Plan;

    Schedule and Phasing Coordination;

    Cost Control Management; and

    Construction Documents Conversion Into Subcontractor Bid Packages.


    Preconstruction Bid Phase Services:

    Develop the Master Project Schedule;

    Bid to Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Prequalified Subcontractors for each Bid Package;

    Advertise Bids;

    Issue Subcontractor Bid Packages;

    Conduct Preconstruction Conference(s) and Site Visit(s);

    Process all Addenda;

    Receive Bids from Subcontractors and conduct public bid opening;

    Issue a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP); and

    Execute Subcontractor Agreements.


    Construction Phase Services:

    Comply with CMR General Conditions;

    Comply with CMR General Requirements;

    Conduct Pre-construction Conference;

    Periodically update the Master CPM Schedule;

    Monthly update of Schedule of Values;

    Review and Prepare Monthly Progress Payment Requests;

    Periodic Update of Project Cash Flow Projections;

    Act as the Project’s Prime Liaison;

    Coordinate Subcontractors’ Requests for Information (RFI’s) and Architect/Engineer (A/E) RFI Responses;

    Coordinate all change requests and responses;

    Coordinate all types of submittals;

    Coordinate all types of testing and inspections;

    Coordinate subcontractors;

    Coordinate subcontractor’s participation in Commissioning (Cx);

    Provide construction trailers, storage, equipment, barriers, etc.;

    Provide all necessary On-site Construction Management Personnel;

    Coordinate Substantial Completion and Turn Over;

    Closeout Project; and

    Support Documentation Collection For LEED Submissions.