Enterprise Architecture

State of Connecticut Enterprise Architecture (CTEA)
Enterprise Architecture is a comprehensive blueprint used to manage and align the State's Information Technology (IT) assets, operations, and projects with its operational characteristics.  In other words, the enterprise architecture defines how information and technology will support the business operations and provide benefit for the business.
Technology Architecture: (Internal Only)
Technology Architecture (CTEA-TA) defines the principles, best practices, and standards as they apply to the hardware, operating systems, programming, middleware, data management, systems management, collaborative tools, security, and networking solutions used by the organization.
This document, CTEA-TA Change illustrates the changes that have been made to the Products and Technical Standards document listed below, for the period of January to June 2012.
Technology Architecture information for external users can be found by selecting any one of the documents below:
For more information, please email inquiries to: BEST.Enterprise-Architecture@ct.gov.